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Connected technology in every touch-free dispenser by default. Latent power waiting to be unlocked.

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Kanary on different devices

Get the bird’s eye view with Kanary.

Kanary is a full-featured realtime hand hygiene monitoring system for both healthcare and facility management.

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The complete series for your washroom.

Robust - chic - reliable: The SanTRAL® Plus series takes your restrooms to a new level.

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Sanitize safely. Switzerland-style.

The PRAESIDIO® dispenser sanitizes with clock-like precision and excellence.

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Stand out.

The first SanTRAL® Plus stand
for UDU 5 and 11 is available now.

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KX Refill

Refillable touchless plastic dispenser for soaps, gels and lotions

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BTF Pump in green environment

Healthy people. Healthy planet.

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