About us

OPHARDT Hygiene. Reliable hand hygiene since 1962.

OPHARDT Hygiene. It's a family affair.

Hermann Ophardt laid the foundation for the company in his garage in 1962. There he developed the first ingo-man® hygiene dispenser to support nursing staff and doctors in hygienic hand disinfection. Today, the dispenser is the most popular dispenser in German hospitals and is known worldwide.

Who we are today.

Break the Chain of Infection.

According to the World Health Organisation, 80 percent of all infectious diseases are transmitted through the hands. This highlights how important careful and consistent hand hygiene is. Our corporate mission Break the Chain of Infection emphasizes the importance of our work and is an integral part of everything we do.

Ophardt Hygiene Signet

Endless innovation.

With over 500 patents, we have extensive knowledge and exclusive designs the field of dispenser systems and hygiene solutions.

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Brand of the Century.

This prestigious award solidifies OPHARDT Hygiene as a top brand in Germany that sets industry-wide standards for dispenser systems.

Perfection. In design and production.

We not only design our products ourselves, but also produce them at our own plants. Uniquely, our engineers often work in our plants, not thousands of miles away.

We solve problems.

We delight in coming up with custom solutions tailored to our customer’s needs. OPHARDT is valued throughout the industry as a reliable partner that brings a lot of expertise to the table.


Pumps. Custom designs. Software.

Focus on stainless steel and powder coating.

The home of OPHARDT Hygiene's flagship product.

A pioneer in hand hygiene.

Gives your dispenser a special touch.

The drive for your hygiene concept.

The RX 10 M Euro dispenser makes the start.

At our site in Beamsville, Canada, our pumps and custom pumps are manufactured. This process is made possible by perfectly coordinated processes and a high degree of automation. Teams from the research department and software development are also constantly working on product innovations.

OPHARDT was born in the Lower Rhine region. Today, the location in Issum convinces with comprehensive knowledge in the processing of stainless steel and powder coating. A large part of the SanTRAL® brand is manufactured at the OPHARDT competence centre in Germany.

The ingo-man® has been developed and manufactured for decades at the OPHARDT site in Ballymote, Ireland. With the RX brand, another Euro dispenser is made at the Irish site.

At the OPHARDT site in Switzerland, our development teams put their heads together to add intelligence to our disinfection dispensers. The popular PRAESIDIO® disinfection dispenser is also “Swiss Made”.

OPHARDT’s Belgian plant in Maaseik has state-of-the-art production technologies for anodising and finishing surfaces. The housings of the ingo-man® Euro dispensers pass through our production facilities in Belgium before they are further processed.

Drives and other components for our dispenser systems are produced at OPHARDT Hygiene's Philippine site.

The plant in Armenia is the youngest member of the OPHARDT group of companies and focuses on the production of the RX 10 M Euro dispenser made of ABS plastic.

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Joel Ophardt

Ophardt on OPHARDT.

Through our global facilities, we are always working hand in hand as a team. This approach is also reflected in our cooperation with our partners and customers.

Joel Ophardt, Global Marketing Director

Our values.

Our corporate values serve as a framework for our decision-making.

Stay humble and helpful.

Figure with heart on chest

Pursue the highest quality.

Figure of family

Promote a culture of cooperation.

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