SanTRAL® Plus

The complete series for your washroom.

Bright bathroom scene with SanTRAL Plus devices

All it does is win.
Experience the
SanTRAL® Plus advantage.

High traffic?
Low stress.

Robust and durable - SanTRAL® is designed for high-traffic areas. It is tough enough to withstand attempted vandalism and heavy use.

Any filling product.
From any supplier.

SanTRAL® Plus is designed as an open system, so you can quickly react to supply bottlenecks and change products seamlessly. SanTRAL® Plus is a reliable supplier-independent solution.

Map of Germany

Designed and made
in Germany.

SanTRAL® Plus is manufactured with the highest standards in Germany. That is why we include a 5-year warranty on every product by default.

with anti-fingerprint coating

made digital.

Make the smart call. The dispensers and waste bins of the SanTRAL® Plus series send you real-time alerts about fill level and battery.

The award-winning SanTRAL® Plus.

SanTRAL® Plus is not only our most successful product launch in the company's history, but has also been awarded for its stylish and functional design.

PCR Recycling Symbol

Designed for the
planet with PCR
plastic and refills.

It’s easy being green: the SanTRAL® Plus dispensers have a durable stainless steel shell with up to 80% recycled content. The pumps and containers inside are made with PCR plastics. To keep plastic use low, the dispensers are designed as an open system so that any fill material from any supplier can be used.

Opening quotation mark

Design highlights from
the series designer.

This next-generation pump and drive as well its ability to become connected devices are highlight of our the SanTRAL® Plus Series.
Patrick Stressler, Product Manager of the SanTRAL® Plus Series
Patrick Stressler, Product Manager of the SanTRAL<sup>®</sup> Plus Series

Have more questions?

  • What products make up the SanTRAL® Plus series?

    The SanTRAL® Plus series offers you the complete solution for your washroom. Our product portfolio includes universal dispensers for different liquid products, paper towel dispensers with different mechanisms, waste bins, specialty waste bins for hygiene products, toilet paper dispensers, and toilet brushes.

  • Are SanTRAL® Plus devices only available as smart versions?

    No, the dispensers can also be used as non-smart devices. The devices can also be bought as Smart Ready, which allows you to retrofit them to become smart at a later date.

  • Can I retrofit the devices to become smart at a later date?

    Yes, with the purchase of Smart Retrofit Kits, the dispensers can be quickly and easily retrofitted. The Smart Retrofit Kits can be purchased separately at a later date.

  • How can I buy an Kanary license?

    You can purchase the license for our facility management program from us, just contact us and we will help set you up.

  • How well is my data protected when using a connected device?

    The dispensers have the highest security standards for wireless transmission. With TLS/HTTPS encryption your data has maximum protection.