Smart technology in every touchless dispenser.
Latent power waiting to be unlocked.

This changes the game.

A new paradigm.

We asked a simple question, ”How can we make smart dispensing available for everyone?” It led us to a revolutionary new design. The same board that is used to trigger touch-free dispensing is also used to record and transmit data.

It’s smart. For everyone.

By building smart technology into our touchless dispenser by default, we have found efficiencies that make bringing smart hygiene devices to a mass market possible in ways that have never been possible before.

Patient in private room

Over 10 years.
Over 10 countries.
Over 100 million activations recorded.

We have dedicated over a decade of consistent and growing capital expense to build the future of hygiene.

Kenny Kanard

100 dispensers in 1 hour.

We have an industry-leading install process—up to 8x faster than other solutions. As fast as it is simple, our redesigned Kanary app for iOS and Android can be used to easily configure a hospitals fleet of smart dispensers.

Know your dispensers status 24/7.

Keep updated with device monitoring that never stops. Know the key information you need from your entire fleet, and be alerted about critical fill and battery levels in advance.

fill level iconFill levels.
low battery iconLow battery alerts.
connection alert iconConnection alerts.
low use alert iconLow use alerts.

Make your device Smart from the Start.

We have created the breakthroughs to make smart dispenser technology available to a mass market. Take advantage of our deep knowledge of dispensing hardware and hygiene software to vault your dispensers into the industry-leading position.

custom smart from the start dispenser

Do you have Questions?

  • What are the advantages of using smart dispensers?

    The inclusion of smart chips in these devices enables them to transmit fill levels data for improved washroom uptime and increased infection prevention. Through smart software, you can automate cleaning Task management and time-intensive healthcare paperwork.
    In facility management, you are switching from fixed or static schedule to demand-based task management, which helps you maintain cleaner washrooms with the resources you currently have. In healthcare, you are able to collect, analyze, and share hand hygiene feedback in realtime, which helps improve hand hygiene compliance.

  • Is the Kanary software essential for data analysis?

    No, one of the benefits of our approach is how open and flexible we are. You have the option to utilize third-party software like FacilityApps and Soobr for data analysis

  • Will there be a substantial increase in device prices now?

    By combining up-to four boards into a single board, we have been able to deliver industry-beating prices for connected devices. Contact our sales team to learn more.