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A simple, intuitive and open hygiene monitoring system for healthcare and facility Management.

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Decrease sick days.

Studies show that increased hand disinfectant use leads to fewer sick days.

Do more with less.

Improve washroom cleanliness, product availability, and hand hygiene compliance with the staff you have.

Improve compliance.

Hygiene-critical environments are alerted immediately when hand hygiene compliance is too low, or when dispensers need refilling.

Right away.

Real data.
In real-time.

Stay in the know with dispensers that are able to send data 24/7 in an incredibly data-efficient way. Monitor the state of compliance or cleaning in the moment, not after the fact.

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There’s a map for that.

Get an immediate overview of all your refill and cleaning tasks. All displayed in easy-to-understand heatmaps and graphs that help identify problem locations, times and task-types.

Kanary Dashboard

Compliance dashboards.

Welcome home. Our home page has all the data you need to quickly understand the status of infection prevention of your organization.

Alerts about dispensers, tasks, or behaviours.

  • Dispenser status iconDispenser status. Fill levels, battery alerts, connection issues.
  • Behaviours iconBehaviours. Hand hygiene compliance alerts.
  • Tasks iconTasks. Product replacement, cleaning tasks.

Help is a click away.

A built-in Wiki helps you quickly get the answers you need. Learn more about Kanary and get relevant hand hygiene information.

Kanary Wiki

Data for days.

For healthcare settings correlating occupancy to hand hygiene consumption is critical. With Kanary you can easily enter patient day information manually, via file upload, or automatically via API.

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Create reports with the click of a button.

Stay in the know with dispensers that are able to send data 24/7 in an incredibly data-efficient way. Monitor the state of compliance or cleaning in the moment, not after the fact.

Coming Soon

Choose group or individual monitoring.

Decide whether you want to give group-based feedback or get more detailed and personalized hand hygiene monitoring. For individual monitoring, we will equip your team with Bluetooth badges.

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Automate all tasks.

Work smarter with a range of automations that free you from repetitive paperwork and task management.

    • Automated task management prioritizes the washrooms that are running out of product. Kanary opens and closes tasks, since it knows when dispensers have been refilled.

    • Easily reassign tasks. When staff turnover, sickness, or shortages happen, be prepared.

    • Easy to setup cleaning schedules help create sets of recurring tasks that can be customized to the exact needs of each space.

    • Integrated cleaning standards help you build your recurring tasks. Draw from ISO and DIN standards to make sure your space is clean and compliant.

    Reports you can subscribe to.

    Get reports sent directly to your inbox. Set up one or multiple reports that can be emailed to you and all other stakeholders.

    Create your own automations.

    Using our APIs, you can also create your own automations and integrations, unlocking powerful tools for your specific organization.

    • Choose your dispenser.

      Choose from ingo-man® smart, KX smart or SanTRAL® Plus smart. And you can also work with our development team to see how Kanary can integrate with your existing smart devices.

      KX, ingo-man, SanTRAL dispensers
    • Available on all your devices.

      Whether you need to complete a task, find out the latest compliance status, or generate reports, you can easily do so your tablet, smartphone, or computer.

      Kanary on iPad and iPhone
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    Encrypted and secure.

    Your data is secure, anonymous, and encrypted. Increase the information you are receiving with the peace of mind that your data is your data.


    Easily setup a single dispenser or a whole fleet of dispensers with a tap. With your smartphone you can configure and connect your OPHARDT dispenser to the Kanary Cloud.

    Get Features, not fleeced.

    Competitor System$$$$$

    Kanary is one-fifth of the cost, without sacrificing features, industry-leading hardware. And Kanary comes with an ambitious roadmap.

    Know your dispensers status 24/7.

    Keep updated with device monitoring that never stops. Know the key information you need from your entire fleet, and be alerted about critical fill and battery levels in advance.

    • Fill levels iconFill levels.
    • Low battery alert iconLow battery alerts.
    • Connection alerts iconConnection alerts.
    • Low use alerts iconLow use alerts.

    No more missed connections.

    OPHARDT provides a 4G LTE router that comes with a 10-year global data plan to help you connect your smart dispensers easily to the Kanary Cloud.

    LTE Router

    Decrease infections.
    Increase efficiency.


    Decrease healthcare-associated infections with always-on, 24/7 electronic hand hygiene monitoring.

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    Facility Management

    Unlock new facility management efficiencies with dynamic task scheduling and staff management.

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    Easily connect OPHARDT dispensers to your smart system securely with protocols that work with our Kanary Cloud.

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    Do you have questions?

    • Is there a minimum number of dispensers you need to use Kanary?

      No, Kanary can be used with a single dispenser or washroom or with multiple buildings across continents.

    • How do you set up dispensers to connect to Kanary?

      The simplest way is to download our NFC setup app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. By holding your phone close to the dispensers built-in NFC chip, you can easily connect the dispensers to your preferred WiFi network and Kanary account.

    • How much does Kanary cost?

      Kanary offers a full suite of features with lower upfront and lower ongoing costs than most of our competitors. Please contact our smart team.

    • Is there a way to retrofit our existing OPHARDT dispensers to work with Kanary?

      For our SanTRAL® Plus line, yes. Simply purchase the Smart Retrofit Kit, and easily install it (it takes almost no time to install this kit). After this, you can use the NFC install app to set up your device and connect it to Kanary.

    • Is Kanary tailored for healthcare or facility management?

      While Kanary began its life as a healthcare solution, we saw the need to incorporate facility management tools. We are proud to offer a complete solution for both needs.