Get the bird’s eye view with Kanary.

Kanary is a full-featured realtime hand hygiene monitoring system for both healthcare and facility management.

Kanary dashboard UI

The early warnings you need.

Know right away if your dispensers need filling or if your hand hygiene compliance is trending up or down. Kanary is a one-stop solution for both facility management and infection-control. Automatically assign cleaning tasks automatically or provide hand hygiene behaviour feedback. Kanary provides the insights you need before small problems become big ones.

Kanary Dashboard UI

Decrease infections.
Increase efficiency.

Decrease healthcare-associated infections with always-on, 24/7 electronic hand hygiene monitoring. Set targets and track progress by hospital, ward, room, or even per dispenser.

Unlock new facility management efficiencies with dynamic task scheduling and staff management. Near-empty dispensers automatically become tasks, improving bathroom uptime and making better use of staff time

Santral Plus dispenser

Real data.
In real-time

Stay in the know with dispensers that are able to send data 24/7 in an incredibly data-efficient way. Monitor the state of compliance or cleaning in the moment, not after the fact.

Santral Plus dispenser

Encrypted and secure.

Your data is secure, anonymous, and encrypted. Increase the information you are receiving with the peace of mind that your data is your data.


Choose your device.

Choose from ingo-man® smart, KX smart or SanTRAL® Plus smart. And you can also work with our development team to see how Kanary can integrate with your existing smart devices.



Easily setup a single dispenser or a whole fleet of dispensers with a tap. With your smartphone you can configure and connect your OPHARDT dispenser to the Kanary Kloud.


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