Tabletop of its class.

Get incredible foam for tabletop bottles with BTF pumps.

Bottles with BTF Pumps in different colors
Hand with foam from BTF Pump

Foam (like this) wasn't built in a day.

Over 50 years of expertise means that we can offer a truly incredible air-to-product ratio for soap foam and alco-foam.

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BTF Pump in 3D green environment
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Help create a circular economy.

We can make our BTF pumps with post-consumer recycled plastics to help create a more circular economy. By making pumps with fewer parts, we help make them more recyclable.

More dispensers.
More dispensing.

Studies show that increasing the number of dispensers throughout an area increases hand hygiene compliance. When you provide dispensers that people can easily access without having to get up and move, people use more sanitizer and reduce the chance of getting or spreading infections. “More conspicuous placement of dispensers … resulted in statistically and clinically significant increases in product usage.”

BTF Pumps in spiral

Your brand.Your color.

Pick the perfect colours for your project. Better integrate the pump into both your bottle and your brand with an on-brand colour.

BTF Pumps in pastel colors

Our pump technology.
Your incredible bottle and brand.

Bring your own bottle.

With the BTF pump, the choice of materials, textures, and shapes of your bottle is up to you. The BTF pump will seamlessly integrate with a range of options, from glass, plastic, and metal.

Foam. Whether you need soap foam or alco-foam.

The BTF can be purchased in both soap foam and alco-foam varieties.

Want us to make the pump and bottle?

OPHARDT Hygiene can produce the whole dispenser for you.

By design.

We design and engineer not only our pumps, but our pump manufacturing process. This lets us create detailed parts with millimetre-precision that other manufacturers cannot.

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Stay drip-free.

Our OPHARDT-designed pump technology pulls any residual liquid or foam back into the pump.

Foam today.
Lotion tomorrow.

Coming soon. Our team is working on a complimentary pump for lotion.

Made in Canada.

Designed and manufactured in Beamsville, close to the shore of Lake Ontario, our Canadian plant draws on the region’s proud tradition of manufacturing excellence as well as the latest automated technologies. Each pump is subject to a rigorous series of quality control tests to deliver pumps that keep on pumping.

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Have more questions?

  • Is there a minimum order quantity for the BTF pump?

    If you want to buy the BTF pump with a bottle to use at home, we will be launching the Cloud Bottle in 2023. This product you will be able to buy in single quantities. To purchase the BTF pump to use in your existing bottles, please contact us.

  • Can the BTF pump be made with 100% PCR plastics?

    The amount of PCR plastic used in the BTF pump can be changed from 0% to 100% based on your needs.