Make it a more sustainable stay.

H3 is a more sustainable amenities dispenser system.

H3 Series dispenser on marble wall

As easy as 1, 2, 3.

Pick the number of dispensers you want. Choose a cartridge or refillable system. Select the perfect pumps for your need.

Good things come in H3s.

Mini bottles.Big problem.

Small soap and shampoo bottles can have a large environmental impact. As large jurisdictions start regulating and eliminating their use, the H3 offers a more sustainable alternative.

As flexible as the perfect concierge.

H3 bottle type icon

Choose the bottle type that is right for you and your guests. Whether you need an open, refillable system, or a closed cartridge system, the H3 dispenser can be adapted to your specific needs. Choose one bottle type and switch to the other as simply as changing bottles.

Room. With a view.

There is lots of room for your custom artwork. Build a cut-out and get a viewing window to quickly see how much product is in your dispenser.

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Stay clean. Stay working.

Clean Tip Icon

Keep it drip-free.

The H3 pump is equipped with a OPHARDT Hygiene custom designed technology bring liquid back into the pump once the right amount has been dispensed.

Tamper Proof Icon

Keep a cap on it.

H3 cartridge bottles come with a proprietary, tamper-proof cap so that your bottles will not be opened and refilled with another product. These cap and bottle combination are simple and easy to attach but offer a robust, secure attachment.

A versatile pump.

The H3 pump is a 2ml, medium viscosity pump that supports lotion, soap, gel, and low-grit facial scrubs.

H3 Pump

Designed and Made in Canada pumps.

Designed and manufactured in Beamsville, close to the shore of Lake Ontario, our Canadian plant draws on the region’s proud tradition of manufacturing excellence as well as the latest automated technologies. Each pump is subject to a rigorous series of quality control tests to deliver pumps that keep on pumping.

Our H3 dispensers are designed in Canada and made in the Philippines.

Flags of Canada and Philippines

The gravity of the situation.

With gravity-fed, downward dispensing, the H3 is a highly efficient dispenser that does not require batteries to operate.

H1 Dispenser

Need a custom pump?

Whether you need a pump for a different dosage or viscosity, we can tailor the H3 pump for your filling product. We can even explore adding foam, alco-foam, or grit, or spray pumps to the H3.

Taking off at just the right time.

As travel reopens, the H3 provides hygienic solutions for environments that other dispensers cannot fit into.

Quick Change Icon

Nimble and quick.

Simple and fast bottle changing means that you do not waste plastic or waste time with the H3. It has a mechanism that is easy for staff to swap out but will not be accidentally triggered by guests.

Have more questions?

  • What are the ways that an H3 can be installed?

    The H3 can be attached to smooth surfaces using the double-sided adhesive that comes with the product. If you want even more assurance, you can also screw the H3 directly into the wall.

  • Does the H3 support custom colours?

    At the moment, the H3 is available in white and black. If you are exploring ordering a large number, contact our sales team to talk about possible futher customization options.

  • Does OPHARDT provide a solution to help bulk fill the H3 refillable bottles?

    Yes, we can provide you with a machine that helps speed up the otherwise manual process of refilling H3 bottles, saving time and improving efficiency.