Get a wing-man for
your ingo-man®

The No.1 dispenser in German healthcare.


Waste bins for the most
demanding environments.


A hands-free dispenser designed for busy healthcare environments. Open it with your foot and close it with your knee, for quick and hygienic operation.

Paper towel dispenser for hand drying.

IMP HS Paper towel dispenser.

The robust paper towel dispenser from the ingo-man® plus series. For many types of folds.

Locking screens for theft protection.

VF IMP Locking plate

Protect your fill against theft, manipulation and unauthorised theft of the Euro bottles.

Switch holder for dripping sanitizer.

SH 26 Drip Tray

Catches drips from hands and prevents the floor from becoming a slippery tripping hazard. The tray hangs over the dispenser.

Wall brackets for disposable glove boxes.

Wall bracket 1BF

For one box of disposable gloves. Makes removing disposable gloves easy and hygienic.

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Have more questions?

  • Does the wall-mountable accessory come with a mounting kit?

    Yes, a corresponding mounting kit is included with the accessories of the ingo-man® series.

  • What is the optimum mounting height for the paper towel dispensers of the ingo-man® series?

    The mounting height of paper towel dispensers should allow removal of paper towels at a height of about 120 cm.

  • I need a special type of accessory for my hygiene program. Who can I contact in your company?

    Please feel free to contact our Customer Service to let us know your requirements. We will then work with you to find a solution.