ingo-man® smart

Hand hygiene made digital.

Smart dispenser and dashboard UI
Dispenser feedbackData dashboardHands holding heart

Provides feedback.

Delivers data.

Help save lives.

Transparency is smart.

What was the time of activation?


What was the location of the dispenser used?

Map marker

How much product was dispensed?

Fill level
Dispenser bottle

Never empty.
Always ready.

Our smart dispenser and services ensures that you get a notification when bottle fill levels dip below a certain level. This way, bottles can always be replaced when needed. With our intelligent solution, you can make empty sanitizer dispensers a thing of the past.


Analyze data with the click of a button.
Improve hygiene in real time.

Website dashboard

A stable of smart solutions.

The one that gives immediate feedback.

With the built-in LED, it glows green when the right amount of sanitizer or soap has been dispensed. And it sends data to the cloud.



An integrated green LED above the disinfectant dispenser provides the user with direct, visual feedback on hand sanitiziation. At the same time, the dispenser securely transmits important hand hygiene data to the [new name] cloud.


Data? More.

Touch-free sanitizer dispensing.


ingo-man®smart Touchless.

Touch-free technology has been proven to increase hand hygiene compliance while reducing the risk of cross-contamination. The smart sanitizer dispenser is also automatically records hand hygiene behaviour and securely sends this data to the [new name] cloud.

Smart nose product

Get a digital hygiene dispenser in seconds.

With the ingo-man® SmartNose, you can make your sanitizer dispenser intelligent in just a few seconds.

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Euro bottles

The Euro bottle standard.
Standard in name only.

A format with many advantages. The ingo-man® smart is compatible with the Euro bottle. This means you have maximum choice to choose your hand sanitizer supplier.

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DHP Single Use Pump

The perfect pump for your smart dispenser.

The recyclable DHP disposable pumps are the perfect addition to your smart hygiene dispenser. The innovative pump concept prevents multiple use and sustainably optimizes hygiene standards.

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Have more questions?

  • With which software is the ingo-man® smart compatible?

    The ingo-man® smart dispensers are compatible with Kanary. If you are already using a smart monitoring service for facility management or hygiene behaviour tracking, our APIs can be used to connect the ingo-man® to your existing service.

  • Is there a way to simply replace my existing Euro dispensers with smart Euro dispensers?

    Yes, if you have been using manual Euro dispensers of the ingo-man® plus brand so far, you can easily retrofit them with the ingo-man® SmartNose.

  • How should the ingo-man® smart be reprocessed and cleaned?

    When reprocessing the ingo-man® smart Euro dispensers, please note that the dispensers contain electronic components and may only be reprocessed manually. The corresponding procedure can be found in the operating instructions.

  • Why does the ingo-man® smart not collect any personal data?

    For data protection reasons, the ingo-man® smart does not collect any personal data.