Mini. Mighty.

The PRAESIDIO® Mini is a metal dispenser for everyone.

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Praesidio mini

Introducing our new lightweight champion.

From both sides now.

Stands at attention.
Gets attention, too.

With decades of metal dispenser production expertise, we've crafted a dispenser suitable for all spaces and users.

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No dripping.

Clean tip

More choices. More suppliers.

The open system allows you to react flexibly to supply bottlenecks of your suppliers - the PRAESIDIO® Mini works with all commercially available disinfectants.

Truck icon

PCR plastic.

The pumps and bottles of the X10 series are made of PCR plastic, which comes from recycled materials.
No less environmentally friendly: the dispensers are designed as an open system so that fillers from different manufacturers can be used.


Custom designs that are truly magnetic.

Give your PRAESIDIO® Mini a new design in just a few seconds with our custom-made magnetic covers.

For Hygiene Companies

Launch a PRAESIDIO® Mini program.

Choose your X factor.

Our pumps can withstand the toughest test and conditions. We provide you with accurate and consistent dosing throughout the life of the pump.

KX Drive


  • Good Foam Quality

    Good Foam Quality

  • Custom window

    Full front-window customizable

  • Smart Device Icon

    Connected dispenser available

  • White and black standard colours, custom colours available at higher volumes

  • Cartridge and bottle icon

    Supports Cartridge and Refillable bottles

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X10 Drive


  • Industry-leading Foam Quality

    Industry-leading Foam Quality

  • Cover icon

    Completely custom front cover required, no front cover provided

  • Smart Device Icon

    Connected dispenser available

  • Completely custom, you design and make the front cover and back plate

  • Cartridge and bottle icon

    Supports Cartridge and Refillable bottles

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Custom Lockout
Second-gen Lockout

Second gen custom lockout available

Protect your product. For both KX & X10.

Advanced Lockout

Our most advanced lockout system ever for X10.

Exclusive bottle lock. You invest a lot of work in perfecting your filling product. Protect it with the exclusive bottle lock from OPHARDT - so that other entrepreneurs cannot fill your dispensers.

Do you still have Questions?

  • Where is the PRAESIDIO® Mini manufactured?

    The PRAESIDIO® Mini is manufactured at different locations of OPHARDT Hygiene, in Ireland and Germany.

  • With which product can the PRAESIDIO® Mini be filled?

    The PRAESIDIO® Mini is available in two different versions. The version on X10 basis is available with any commercially available disinfectant. The cartridge solution is aimed at disinfectant manufacturers, who can then make their own disinfectant compatible with the dispenser.

  • Is the PRAESIDIO® Mini smart?

    At this time, the PRAESIDIO® Mini does not include any smart features. However, our development team is working on a smart solution.

  • Where can I create the magnetic fronts?

    To create a magnetic front for the PRAESIDIO® Mini, please contact Our graphics experts are at your disposal with full expertise.

  • Can I subsequently individualize the PRAESIDIO® Mini?

    Yes, with the option of magnetic foil, logos, patterns or designs can be created quickly and easily and applied to the disinfectant dispenser within seconds.