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Art. No. 1158400

ZC 23 A

Manual Euro dispenser for soaps, disinfectants and lotions

MaterialPump TypeSmart Technology
  • Description

    ingo-man ZC 23 A dispenser for viscous pastes and highly viscous handcleaners with grit, refillable from bulk containers, 2.500 ml, short operating lever, matte-silver anodized aluminium, stainless steel pump, max. dosage of approx. 5,7 ml/stroke, 1 clip, 1 bottle HDPE (large opening for refilling)
    Face Shield:Plastic, white
    Housing:Aluminium, matte silver anodized
    Mounting:Wall mounting with 3 screws and wall plugs
    Type of Wall Plate:Standard ingo-man® plastic wall plate
    Warranty:5 years
    Product Sub-Categories:Hygiene dispenser
    Refill Type:Euro bottle dispenser
    Dispensing Method:Stainless steel lever
    Filling volume (ml):2500 ml
    Liquid Type:Grit
    Pump Type:stainless steel pump
    Dosage Volume:5.7 ml/stroke, reduceable to approx. 2.2 ml/stroke
    Smart Technology:None
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