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Art. No. 1424097


Paper towel dispenser for dispensing all major paper types

  • Stainless steel
Paper Type
  • C-fold, Layerfold / Z-Fold / ZZ-Fold, V-Fold, Zick-Zack / Multi- and Interfold
Smart Technology
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SanTRAL® Plus PTU 15 E Steel Touch (ST), paper towel dispenser, for max. of 1 pack of paper towels (approx. 250-300 sheets), brushed stainless steel, with anti-fingerprint-coating, universal SanTRAL® Plus stainless steel removal for all common types of paper (Layerfold, V-, Z- and ZZ-fold, Multi- and Interfold), lockable, with fill level window, sloped-top housing prevents placement of unwanted objects on Dispenser

*** Smart Ready thanks to Smart Retrofit Kit: Feedback and monitoring function can be retrofitted at any time ***

Quantity (Pcs.) / Euro pallet:140
Product Sub-Categories:Paper towel dispenser
Housing:Stainless steel, brushed with Anti-Fingerprint-Coating (Steel Touch)
Material:Stainless steel
Filling Volume (Sheet):approx. 250-300 sheets
Paper Type:C-fold, Layerfold / Z-Fold / ZZ-Fold, V-Fold, Zick-Zack / Multi- and Interfold
Smart Technology:Smart Ready
Mounting:Wall mounting with 4 screws and wall plugs
Cleaning Method:manual wipe disinfection, not dishwashersafe, not autoclavable
Warranty:5 years