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Art. No. 254500

Pump Unit Ped 2

Replacement pump for Foot disinfection dispenser ingo-ped 3/2

  • Stainless steel
Pump Type
  • stainless steel pump
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Replacement pump for ingo-ped 2 and ingo-ped 3, stainless steel, with 2 spray nozzles, dosage quantity approx. 3.0 ml/stroke


*** The ingo-ped 2 is no longer produced. The successor model is the ingo-ped 3. (Art. No. 2400290) ***

Warranty:1 year
Product Sub-Categories:Pump
Cleaning Method:manual wipe disinfection
Material:Stainless steel
Liquid Type:Disinfectant
Pump Type:stainless steel pump
Dosage Volume:3.0 ml/stroke