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Art. No. 4401434

RX 5 K Pump Unit

High-quality pump for soaps, disinfectants and lotions

  • Plastic
Pump Type
  • long-life plastic pump with straight suction tube
Filling volume (ml)
  • 500 ml
  • 1000 ml
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K Plastic pump for RX 5 (500 ml) dispensers, plastic, exchangeable, dishwasher-safe, not autoclavable, dosage volume depends on the dispenser (approx. 1.0/ 1.5 ml/stroke), suitable for disinfectant, alcogel, soaps and flowable lotions
Quantity (Pcs.) / Euro pallet:3000
Product Sub-Categories:Pump
Filling volume (ml):500 ml
Pump Type:long-life plastic pump with straight suction tube
Dosage Volume:1.0 ml/stroke, 1.5 ml/stroke
Liquid Type:Disinfectant, Liquid soaps
Cleaning Method:dishwashersafe (60° C)