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Art. No. 4403466

DHP IMP E Shower

Recycable disposable hygiene pump with "Shower Head" for IMP Euro bottle dispensers

MaterialFilling volume (ml)
  • 500 ml
  • 1000 ml
  • Description

    DHP IMP E Shower, disposable plastic pump, for 500 ml bottles, dosing quantity 1.5 ml/stroke, compatible with all ingo-man® plus and ingo-man® smart 500 ml dispensers, for shower dispensing of low-viscosity liquids, hygienically single-packed in polybag (Minimum order quantity 1 box = 250 pcs.)
    Warranty:2 years
    Product Sub-Categories:Pump
    Filling volume (ml):500 ml
    Liquid Type:Disinfectant
    Pump Type:recyclable DHP disposable plastic pump with shower head
    Dosage Volume:1.5 ml/stroke
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