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Art. No. H2-001-R-SINGLE

H2 Dual dispenser white with bottle and pump

Refillable dispenser system for showers and washrooms

  • ABS plastic
Pump Type
  • semi permanent plastic pump
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H2 refillable dual dispenser, ABS plastic, white, with 2 semi-permanent dosing pumps (Art. No.: SP38MHV20CV) made of PCR plastic, grey, vented, with CleanTip Technology (No dripping), dosing quantity 2.0 ml/stroke, for various filling products (soap, lotion, gel), with 2 refillable 450 ml PET bottles (Art. No.: H-Bottle), for wall mounting, ideal for washrooms, showers and toilet areas in hotels or anywhere hospitality hygiene is a priority

***** with 2 semi-permanent dosing pumps and bottles each *****


Minimum order quantity: 1 pallet

Quantity (Pcs.) / Euro pallet:456/312
Product Sub-Categories:Hygiene dispenser
Refill Type:refillable dispenser
Dispensing Method:with manual operating button
Filling volume (ml):450 ml
Material:ABS plastic
Pump Type:semi permanent plastic pump
Dosage Volume:2.0 ml/stroke
Liquid Type:Hand Sanitizer Gel, Liquid soaps, Lotion
Smart Technology:None
With Adhesive Pad:Yes
Type of Wall Plate:Standard H3 plastic wall plate
Mounting:self-adhesive with double-sided adhesive tape
Cleaning Method:manual wipe disinfection, not dishwashersafe, not autoclavable