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Art. No. X45MV30CV-N1489

X10 Medium Viscosity pump, 1.0-3.0 ml, vented

High quality X10 Medium Viscosity dosage pump for 45mm bottle neck

Pump Type
  • single-use plastic pump
CleanTip™ Technology
  • Yes
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X10 Medium Viscosity cartridge pump, for bottles with 45 mm necks, dosing quantity between 1.0 - 3.0 ml/stroke adjustable at the dispenser, blue cylinder, transparent cap, compatible with all dispensers where an X10 dosing system is built-in, for dosing of medium viscosity liquids (100 to 10.000 cPs), for rigid bottles, vented pump, with CleanTip technology (no drips or leaks), metal-free pump for improved recyclability

Quantity (Pcs.) / Euro pallet:7500/4500
Product Sub-Categories:Pump
Pump Type:single-use plastic pump
Dosage Volume:1.0-3.0 ml/stroke (adjustable on the dispenser)
Liquid Type:Liquid soaps, Lotion, Medium Viscosity Liquids
CleanTip™ Technology:Yes