SanTRAL® Ultra

Our Ultra robust Dispenser series for use in mental healthcare correctional Facilities.

SanTRAL<sup>®</sup> Ultra

Discover extra robust SanTRAL® Ultra.

Tough and robust.

1,5 mm thick stainless steel housing and a back plate, that is closed welded at the top and bottom.

Designed to be vandalism resistant.

A small opening for soap outlet in the housing minimizes possible damages. A sloped top surface prevents foreign objects from being placed on the dispenser.

Lock it down.

The SanTRAL® Ultra has a secure, manipulation-safe, metal lock and key. We built a passive locking system, meaning that breaking the lock does not open the device.

Our industry leading drive.

The dispenser uses our state-of-the-art x10 drive with incredibly reliable touchless operation and adjustable dosages.

X10 Drive

Speaks volumes with only a whisper.

The X10 drive fits into the most sensitive environments with our quietest drive ever.

Quiet Drive Plus icon

It just keeps on pumping.

The SanTRAL® Ultra requires fewer battery changes thanks to its high efficiency pumps.

SanTRAL® Plus touchless universal dispenser.3.5x
Competitor dispenser.

The battery-operated, touch-free universal dispenser requires battery replacement only after approximately 77,000 activations when dispensing 0.8 ml of foaming soap per stroke.

Battery Icons

Don’t drip with CleanTip™ .

Quiet, clean, and environmentally-friendly. SanTRAL® Ultra has qualities we can all aspire to.

  • CleanTip iconOur pumps draw back any remaining product back into the pump.
  • Quiet Drive Plus iconWhisper-quiet touchless technology.
  • PCR iconWe can make our pumps with post-consumer recycled plastics.

Not an off-the-wall design.

Keep the SanTRAL® Ultra on the wall with 6 screws. A robust riveted hinge mechanism keeps the cover firmly attached to the dispenser.

Refill with ease.

An ease-to-use open refill container with pump options for lotion, foam soap and alcohol-based sanitizer.

Do you still have questions?

  • What is the thickness of the stainless steel from which the SanTRAL® Ultra is made?

    The SanTRAL® Ultra is made of 1.5 mm thick stainless steel.

  • Why is the dispenser vandal resistant?

    The universal dispenser of the SanTRAL® Ultra series is vandalism resistant not only because of the special thickness of the stainless steel, but also because of other features. For example, breaking the lock does not also open the dispenser. It also has only a minimal opening for the soap spout, so that razor blades, needles or other unauthorized objects cannot be pushed in there.

  • How is the SanTRAL® Ultra mounted?

    The dispenser is mounted on the wall using six screws. Due to the large number no gap can be formed between the dispenser and the wall.

  • Does the dispenser have sustainable components?

    Yes, the x10 pumps used are made from 50-60 percent PCR material. This means that plastics resulting from the yellow garbage can are used there.