Touch-free hand hygiene with noticeable comfort.

ingo-man® plus touchless.

Nurse using touchless dispenser.
Nurses using dispensers

Easy to operate. Reliably dosed.

The ingo-man® brand non-contact euro dispensers feature a top-quality capacitive sensor that reliably detects the hand. Faulty triggering is actively prevented thanks to this technology.

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Five charged batteries

Energy-saving hand hygiene.

The ingo-man® Touchless is equipped with a highly efficient drive to achieve maximum battery power life.

The 5 alkaline D batteries achieve over 60,000 activations per cycle, enabling sustainable hand hygiene.

Ingo-man euro dispenser

Operationally reliable. In any case.

If battery power does run low, so-called emergency operating levers guarantee operation of the Euro dispenser and thus make an important contribution to infection control.

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Hand disinfections per patient day.

Disinfectant dispensers with sensor control positively influence infection control.

After introduction of touchless dispensers52
Before introduction of touchless dispensers34

*Scheithauer, S., Haefner, H., Koch, A., Lemmen, S. Increase of alcoholic hand disinfection performance due to new touchless dispensers. Abstracts of 21st ECCMID/27th

Three pumps

Pumps, pumps, pumps.

Whether disinfectants, soaps, lotions or gels. Whether disposable or reusable. The pump range of the ingo-man® brand offers solutions for all cases.

Keeps, what it promises.

The high-quality anodized aluminum housing provides the necessary robustness for daily use. At the same time, it convinces with a hygienic appearance.

Euro bottles lined up

Stay free with euro-bottle.

The ingo-man® dispenser series is compatible with the Euro bottle standard. Users can thus access a wide range of fillers from different manufacturers.

Ingo man accessories

Expand hygiene.

The dispenser systems are compatible with the extensive range of ingo-man® brand accessories.

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Complies with RKI guidelines.

  • Manufacturer-independent format
  • Contamination-free dispensing
  • Reprocessable system
  • Compatible with disposable pumps
  • Visible fill levels & manufacturer's instructions
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Two good guys.

The two touchless hygiene dispensers of the ingo-man® brand. Which one is yours?

Ingo man accessories

ingo-man® Touchless. With visible emergency operating lever.

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Ingo man accessories

ingo-man® Touchless XT. With retractable emergency operating lever.

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Do you have questions?

  • What does the name ingo-man® mean?

    The name ingo-man® is a combination of the German word for engineer, Ophardt, and “manus”, which is Latin for hand.

  • What devices make up the ingo-man® series?

    In addition to sanitizer dispensers and soap dispensers, the ingo-man brand offers other useful products for hand hygiene. These include pumps, drip trays, Euro bottles, mounting solutions, waste containers, and much more.

  • Where is the ingo-man® Euro dispenser manufactured?

    The ingo-man® Euro dispenser is now largely manufactured at our plant in Ballymote, Ireland.