Disposable products with a long-lasting impact.

EuroPack. EuroPouch. DHP.

Nurse changing EuroPack

It EuroPacks a punch.

Become more hygienic with a closed system. The pairing of a pump and bottle makes it easy to swap out a used pack with a new one.

It's all in the bag.

A closed unit, collasping bag and pump for the ultimate hygienic solution.

The disposable EuroPump.

The recyclable DHP disposable pump prevents multiple use with its innovative barbs. This helps ensure compliance and improve your organization’s infection prevention strategy.

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Simple. Hygienic. Safe.

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One time for your (peace of) mind.

Single-use hygiene products helps prevent contamination. EuroPack and EuroPouch offer an airtight system with a single closed unit consisting of a pump and package.

The right dose.
Every time.

EuroPack, EuroPouch, and DHP: All of our Euro dispenser disposable solutions dispense a precise and consistent 1.5 ml per stroke.

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No time to lose.

Don’t waste any time. Inserting these disposable solutions takes only a few steps and can be done in seconds.

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Don’t waste product.

OPHARDT disposable systems get the maximum amount of product out of the dispenser reducing costs and minimizing waste.

Sustainable disposable.

The DHP disposable pumps are certified by the INTERSEROH Institute as having “very good recyclability.”

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Pre-process instead of reprocessing.

Experts estimate that the cost of reprocessing in a hospital with 700 beds is up to €125,000 per year. Hygienic disposable solutions make this resource-intensive work superfluous, freeing up both time and money.

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Sustainability by the numbers.

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Protect your logistics and the environment.

Compared to other hand disinfectant and soap packaging, the transport volume of the EuroPouch is up to eight times lower.

Reduces CO2.

The EuroPouch produces up to six times less carbon dioxide than other hygiene packaging.

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Optimal use.

The EuroPouch is twelve times more effective at dispensing residual compared to the Euro bottle and other packaging units. This reduces costs and waste.

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Less waste. Better environment.

Compared to alternative packaging for disinfectants, soaps and the like, OPHARDT’s innovative Europouch solution generates eight times less waste.

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Using a dispenser

Turning the market upside down.

We see a lot of movement in the market, especially in the area of disposable solutions. The enquiries from our customers are increasing and more and more chemical manufacturers are relying on the innovative packaging and bags from our company.

Ali Mirbach, Product Developer at OPHARDT Hygiene

Euro dispensers from OPHARDT.

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Have more questions?

  • For which dispensers are the disposable solutions suitable?

    EuroPack, EuroPouch and the DHP disposable pumps are compatible with our Euro dispensers from the ingo-man plus, Ingo-man smart and RX product series.

  • For which filling volumes are EuroPack and EuroPouch available?

    EuroPack and EuroPouch are basically suitable for filling volumes of 500ml and 1L.

  • With which filling materials is the DHP disposable pump compatible?

    The DHP disposable pump is suitable for alcohol-based hand disinfectants, soaps and lotions.