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Art. No. 1424120

CV Stand S with RX 5 T dispenser

Solid hygiene stand for hand disinfection with plastic dispenser

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  • Description

    CV stand in combination with RX 5 T dispenser

    Set includes

    CV Stand: Article No. 3401452, made of brushed stainless steel, with robust base plate, incl. drip tray and mounting plate

    RX 5 T dispenser: article no. 4401528, hand disinfectant dispenser made of ABS plastic, compatible with a large number of manufacturers in 500 ml Euro bottle format, touch-free operation for highest hygiene standards, dosing quantity 1.5 ml per stroke, adjustable number of strokes from 1 - 3, battery operated with 4 C cells

    Battery:4x Alkaline C batteries
    Type of Disinfection Stand:light disinfection stand
    Warranty:5 years
    Product Sub-Categories:Dispenser with stand Set
    Cleaning Method:manual wipe disinfection
    Dispensing Method:Touchless
    Filling volume (ml):500 ml
    Material:Stainless steel
    Liquid Type:Disinfectant
    Pump Type:long-life plastic pump with straight suction tube
    Dosage Volume:1.5 ml/stroke
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